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Japan's Startup Demo Day Unveils List to Boost Collaboration in AI, IoT Tech and Connect with Businesses

This week, i2i will host the 2024 IP2 Launchpad's second Demo Day, continuing its commitment to fostering friendly exchanges and future collaborations. The event will feature the attendance of Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT) Chairman Inoue Hirotaka, CEO Kato Kiyotaka, and The Bank of Fukuoka's Chef Representative Yusuke Saita, also select six promising startups from Japan recommended by both collaborating entities to participate. The themed industries cover AI and IoT application domains, with the selected startups being: Mayai, Corpy, VoiceCast, One AI, SchooMy, and Pinmicro, who will deliver investment pitch presentations during the review.

The Demo Day invites renowned corporate executives and industry experts to provide guidance, offering Japanese startups the opportunity to showcase new products and technologies. Rooted in geopolitical ties and bilateral exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, the event seeks collaborative opportunities, fostering mutual learning and accommodating excellence to facilitate precise connections between international promising startups and Taiwanese enterprises for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Here's a brief introduction to the participating Japanese startups:

Mayai utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to develop a mobile answering software that converts calls into text messages and establishes a "virtual phone" for enterprise and personal use, enhancing electronic communication flexibility and helping achieve a balanced separation between human life and work.

SchooMy utilizes SchooMy boards and sensor connectors to create "SchooMy Gear" miniature computing devices, applicable in various educational and training settings.

Pinmicro provides a digital twin SAS platform equipped with cutting-edge Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), enhancing performance management and security monitoring for enterprises through seamless integration of IoT technology and AI applications.

Corpy applies AI to extend "Explainable AI (XAI)," developing self-learning AI algorithms applicable in improving healthcare quality, abnormal detection in automobiles, factory process monitoring, among other areas.

VoiceCast employs generative AI for voice cloning, voice simulation, and audio content creation, applicable in voiceprint replication, voice production, and providing audio content such as readings for audio comics and picture books.

One AI constructs a new-generation AI creative marketing system, a conversational marketing robot "ChiChat," enhancing core business competitiveness, with patents already applied for in Japan and Taiwan.

Japanese startups possess immense potential in technological innovation and market applications. i2i aims to assist in linking exchanges between the Japanese startup ecosystem and Taiwanese enterprises through international reviews, promoting deep cooperation for mutual technological and market advantages. Continued collaboration and partnership establishment are expected to drive industry upgrading and transformation, fostering mutual industrial development between Taiwan and Japan.

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