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Connecting Canadian AIoT and Semiconductor Startups with Taiwan Enterprises: i2i Unveils Demo Day Participant List and Latest Tech Applications

i2i, in collaboration with the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), is gearing up for the 2024 IP2 Launchpad's second Demo Day in early May. Six promising Canadian startups have been selected from a pool of 35, spanning industries such as AIoT, HealthTech, and semiconductors. The selected startups include CentML Inc, Applied Brain Research, CEMWorks, Zinite, Power HV, and Green Edge Computing Corp. They will present their investment pitches during the Demo Day, with renowned corporate executives and industry experts serving as international advisors, aiming to foster Taiwan-Canada business matchmaking and innovation exchange to further drive subsequent collaborations.

This IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, jointly organized by i2i and the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), leverages innovative approaches to precise matchmaking through collaboration with international innovation partners. It aims to attract international startups to establish a presence in Taiwan and engage in collaborative exchanges with Taiwanese enterprises.

In January of this year, i2i successfully held the first Demo Day, facilitating deep collaborations between four Canadian startups and numerous Taiwanese industries. The second Demo Day, scheduled for this month, is expected to proceed smoothly, creating diverse cooperation opportunities between Taiwan and Canada. The event has invited six Canadian startups to participate, each briefly introduced below.

  • CentML Inc is an AI application technology company aiming to develop more efficient, fair, and cost-effective AI solutions. They primarily achieve this by developing software to train and run AI models, enabling high-speed operation on clients' hardware, even deploying AI models on inexpensive, low-performance GPUs without sacrificing performance.

  • Applied Brain Research (ABR) is an AI application software development company dedicated to integrating artificial intelligence with IoT devices. Through their patented neural networks, they provide optimal performance for time-series applications (such as language processing and sensor anomaly detection) and facilitate easy deployment using their developed training platform, "NengoEdge," enabling AI to run on devices.

  • CEMWorks is an electronic computing company offering cutting-edge simulation tools for designing advanced hardware technologies. They provide powerful electromagnetic (EM) simulation solutions, tackling complex design problems in semiconductors, antennas, and metamaterials.

  • Zinite focuses on developing advanced semiconductor technology and 3D structures for future chips, with their core technology being thin-film transistors. These transistors possess CMOS-level drive currents and a wide temperature processing window, including stable material processing at 400°C.

  • Power HV primarily produces detection sensors and software for electrical insulation equipment, applied in monitoring devices such as transformers, transformer bushings, cables, and high-voltage panels.

  • Green Edge Computing Corp (GECCO) develops revolutionary computing devices, providing advanced data processing for various AI/ML, AR/VR, digital twins, and IoT applications. These applications often cannot accommodate traditional IT equipment racks. GECCO's products significantly reduce materials and space by up to 90%, reduce power consumption by 75%, decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, and reduce total costs by 50% compared to past technologies.

Looking ahead, in June of this year, i2i will build upon the achievements of the previous two review meetings, planning to host an international startup conference in Toronto, Canada, to explore market dynamics and the startup ecosystem.

Additionally, in October of the same year, a third Demo Day will be jointly organized with CTA to continue driving the IP2 Launchpad program, striving for cross-border B2B mutual cooperation and facilitating the accelerated development of Taiwan's international startup ecosystem.

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