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Taiwan is a great place to Start your Business in Asia with a robust ecosystem proving to be a great:

  1) Distribution Hub
  2) Manufacturing Hub
  3) Localization Hub

The Heart of Asia: Approximately 3- hour flights to major cities including Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

About TW


Taiwan is one of the biggest manufacturers of PC, LCD, semiconductors, and mobile phones in the world:

1) 3/4 production of PCs worldwide
2) 1/2 production of LCDs worldwide
3) 1/4 production of semiconductors worldwide
4) 1/5 production of mobile phones worldwide

Rank #3 in Industrial Clusters Development worldwide

Homeland to international industry major players: TSMC, Foxconn, Mediatek, AUO, Acer, Asus, HTC, Advantech, Giant, Gogoro and more.

Taiwan Local Ecosystem

Taiwan Startup Terrace

林口新創園(Taiwan Startup Terrace)為臺灣極具代表性的國際創業生態聚落,於2019年10月17日正式啟用,邀請數百家新創進駐,展現資育(Innovation to Industry, i2i)營運林口新創園、扶植國內新創企業成長茁壯的成果。


為了讓臺灣轉變為亞太地區領先的新創加速服務提供者,經濟部新創及中小企業署在新北市林口前世大運選手村設立重點國際創業中心,即林口新創園,提供辦公室、共享工作空間、展示中心等先進設施,以及專家諮詢、企業媒合、募資加速計畫等服務,同時推出「國際新創來台落地 IP2 Launchpad」跟「台灣新創飛向國際 IP2 Scale Out」兩種加速計畫,成為國內外新創企業成長和發展的理想場所。

Startup Terrace, an iconic international entrepreneurs' village in Taiwan, was officially launched on 17 October 2019. The ceremony showcased new and smart technologies of the resident startups and presented the fruits of startup operations in the futuristic city.

As part of efforts to transform Taiwan into a leading innovation service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, the SMESA, MOEA has established a major international startup hub, namely Startup Terrace, at the site of the former Universiade athlete's village in Linkou, New Taipei City. Startup Terrace provides offices, housing, co-working space, an exhibition center, and other state-of-the-art facilities that make it the ideal place for startups to grow and develop.

The i2i Programs are running under the Taiwan Startup Terrace Official Website

Taiwan Startup Terrace


資育(Innovation to Industry, i2i)是從臺灣最大軟體研究機構——資訊工業策進會(III)分出的新創加速器,背靠2,200名科技研發人員支持。自2014年以來,在經濟部中小及新創企業署的監督指導之下,i2i旗下運營臺灣最大的新創園區(南港軟體育成中心、林口新創園、高雄軟體育成中心、宜蘭竹科青創基地蘭青庭)。



Innovation to Industry (i2i) was spin-offed from the largest software research institution in Taiwan - Institute for Information Technology (III), backup by 2,200 R&D. i2i has been running the biggest incubators in Taiwan (Nan-Gang Software Incubator & Kao-Hsiung Software Incubator) under the guidance from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs since 2014.

To continue fulfilling the mission of incubating technology industries, i2i is determined to serve and give support to startup companies, and connect and expand their market throughout the world, 263 teams have been incubated with over 70% survival rate and over 1 Billion Us Dollars raised. 

About i2i
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