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Fukuoka Bank Director Partner with One AI to Visit i2i Team, Exploring AI Application Technology Exchange and Taiwan-Japan Collaboration

i2i team, taking over previous inbound initiatives, is expanding its startup ecosystem to Japan this year and will host a Demo Day in May. Leveraging international advisory resources and professional selection, i2i team continues to match potential international startups for exchanges in Taiwan, promoting business cooperation, and precise connections with Taiwanese enterprises. This week(4/23), the newly appointed Chef Representative of Fukuoka Bank, Yusuke Saita, along with the CEO of Japanese AI startup One AI, Shinya Ishikawa, visited i2i team to explore the possibilities of AI technology applications and cross-border cooperation, planning to participate in i2i team's upcoming IP2 Launchpad international review meeting.

This meeting aims to deepen discussions with Fukuoka Bank, establish future cooperation directions, and match Japanese startups to explore technical exchanges and business cooperation with Taiwanese enterprises. One AI, a Japanese company, combines generative AI and marketing concepts, developing "ChiChat," a conversational marketing robot, as a new solution in the digital marketing field, aiming to increase conversion rates, reduce conversion costs, and bring more business opportunities to enterprises.

(Yusuke Saita, Director of the Taipei Office of Fukuoka Bank, Secretary Ippei Zeng, and the i2i team)

The meeting, chaired by i2i, invited the newly appointed director of Fukuoka Bank Taipei Office, Yusuke Saita, Secretary Yu-Ping Tseng, and the CEO of Japanese startup One AI, Shinya Ishikawa, to explore new business opportunities for cooperation between Fukuoka Bank and One AI in Taiwan and the possibility of cross-border cooperation.

Responding to global technological trends and changes in consumer habits in the post-pandemic era, the demand for digital networks continues to increase, and enhancing digital operational technology and efficiency has become a key transformation for enterprises. One AI applies AI technology to the marketing field, developing ChiChat conversational marketing robots as solutions, aiming to increase conversion rates, reduce conversion costs, and bring more business opportunities to enterprises.

(Shinya Ishikawa, CEO of One AI, delivering a presentation via online conference)

Based on past experiences in matching international startups with Taiwanese enterprises for exchanges, i2i proposed practical suggestions based on the current status of Taiwan's technology industry, the suitability of technology, and the list of Taiwanese companies with high cooperation possibilities and business development directions. In the future, it is expected that AI marketing robots will be applied to both B2B and B2C aspects.

In the future, Fukuoka Bank and One AI hope to deepen cooperation in the Taiwan market, jointly expand business territories, and provide more comprehensive marketing solutions for Taiwanese enterprises. i2i team will continue to provide assistance to promote cooperation between the two parties and bring new momentum to Taiwan's startup ecosystem.

About Fukuoka Bank

The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd., one of Japan's top ten banks, was founded in 1945. It primarily operates in Fukuoka Prefecture in the Kyushu region of Japan and belongs to the "Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc." along with Kumamoto Bank and Shinwa Bank. Following TSMC's establishment in Kumamoto, accelerating the connection between Taiwan and Japan in technology and business, it established its Taipei office in 2015 to conduct business intelligence gathering, market research, and business network expansion. It currently has offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, and New York.

About One AI

One AI, a multinational Japanese company, aims to "create infinite possibilities through the symbiosis of AI and humans." Its headquarters are located in Fukuoka, and it employs a large number of employees from Taiwan, hoping to promote Taiwan-Japan exchanges through geographical relations and expand cross-border cooperation. Currently, it is researching and developing conversational marketing robots that combine generative AI and marketing concepts, which have obtained patent certification in both Japan and Taiwan. It plans to develop overseas business centered on Taiwan to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other places.

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