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Expanding Startup Ecosystem: i2i Bridges with Japanese Accelerator LPT for the Upcoming Taiwan Demo Day Launched in Canada

The i2i team engaged in a virtual meeting with Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT), a Japanese startup accelerator, on Tuesday (4/16), discussing matters related to the upcoming Taiwan Demo Day scheduled for May in Toronto, Canada. This collaboration aims to foster international synergies and explore potential investment opportunities, paving the way for future bilateral cooperation and ecosystem alignment in the startup sphere.

During the meeting, both parties discussed with the details of Taiwan Demo Day, including its agenda, industry landscape, and collaborative prospects, laying the groundwork for deeper cooperation between i2i and LPT. i2i commits to ongoing friendly exchanges with LPT, identifying opportunities for Japanese startups to integrate into Taiwan's industrial scene.

Led by the i2i team, Kiyo Kato, Executive Director of LPT, and Mr. Joseph Kyoda engaged in extensive discussions during the online meeting. The primary focus was on i2i's 2024 IP2 Launchpad initiative and the upcoming Taiwan Demo Day in Toronto in May, covering participation by startups, event logistics, and promotional strategies. The goal is to catalyze international collaboration and explore potential investment opportunities.

With the event planning in full swing, both parties look forward to continued amicable exchanges. Through the i2i team's assistance, LPT aims to grasp the pulse of Taiwan's industry, fostering connections between the Taiwanese and Japanese startup ecosystems and uncovering collaboration opportunities between Japanese startups and the Taiwanese industry.

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