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i2i Chairman Gary Gong Initiates MOU Signing for Japan-Taiwan Startup Cooperation in Meeting with LPT

Continuing the previous dialogue, Japan's accelerator Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT) participated in a visit organized by the Innovation for Industry (i2i) to discuss the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation in Taiwan-Japan startup exchanges and subsequent matchmaking and implementation plans. Recognizing Taiwan's current industrial development focus not only on technology sectors like AIoT, Digital health, and Cyber security but also on manufacturing, which is one of its advantageous industries, and considering the high compatibility between startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector that LPT primarily engages with, a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation has been successfully established, paving the way for future projects such as the signing of MOUs.

Chaired by the Education Chairman, Gary Gong, the meeting was attended by LPT Chairman Inoue Hirotaka, Vice Chairman Takeuchi Shin, and CEO Kato Kiyotaka. Dialogue was facilitated by Takizawa Hiroki, Manager from the Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office (TJPO). Additionally, the i2i team invited Jerry Chang, Director of Process Development at Taiwanese startup JMEM tech, to participate and present the collaborative potential of its cybersecurity technology.

Jerry Chang explained that in light of the current trends in AIoT development, traditional software protection is no longer sufficient to meet enterprise needs, leading to increased attention to hardware protection. Addressing the inadequate security of existing one-time programmable ROM, JMEM has developed more robust memory security solutions, a highly promising technology project for both domestic and international enterprises. Its market potential extends beyond cybersecurity to product certification, gaming, counterfeit detection, and more. In response to this proposal, LPT Chairman Inoue Hirotaka outlined the advantages and key points of entry for JMEM into the Japanese market and offered recommendations. Both parties exchanged business cards and agreed to have the i2i team assist in arranging follow-up online meetings to discuss potential collaboration opportunities further.

LPT Chairman Inoue Hirotaka and Vice Chairman Takeuchi Shin expressed Japan's current emphasis on startup development, noting the presence of numerous startup accelerator organizations in the country. LPT's strength lies in its specialization in manufacturing and its friendly relationships with a large number of local SMEs in Japan, as well as its close cooperation with the Japanese government.

Chairman Gong emphasized that Taiwan also regards manufacturing as one of its key industries, and cooperation between education and startups primarily focuses on sectors such as AIoT, Digital health, and Cyber security. With over 260 startups already in residence in its startup terrace, the i2i team is well-positioned for cooperation with LPT in terms of both technical expertise and active collaboration with SMEs, promising a bright future for collaboration.

LPT and the i2i team also pledged to initiate more bilateral cooperation, with LPT facilitating exchanges between promising Japanese startups and education and the i2i team assisting in connecting more Taiwanese startups with Japanese market demand in relevant industries, further advancing mutual prosperity through technology collaboration and implementation projects.

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