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Enhancing Taiwan-Japan Startup Exchange: Landing Pad Tokyo Expedites Visit, Fostering Bilateral Collaboration for Mutual Prosperity

This Friday (3/29), Japan's accelerator, Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT), was invited to Taiwan to participate in a visit organized by Innovation to Industry (i2i) at the Linkou Startup Terrace A6, showcasing the amicable Taiwan-Japan relations and solidifying the commitment to ongoing deep cooperation. The meeting not only facilitated exchanges between Taiwanese and Japanese startups but also delved into landing projects, focusing primarily on three main themes: the current trend among businesses towards adopting digital technologies like AIoT to enhance productivity, the necessity for industries such as manufacturing and hardware to incorporate carbon neutrality concepts into corporate policies amid the growing prominence of ESG, and the future technological development goals centered around Smart City initiatives and Digital Health Technology.

Chaired by i2i, the meeting saw Chairman Gary Gong delivering the introductory speech, welcoming LPT Chairman Inoue Hirotaka, Vice Chairman Takeuchi Shin, and CEO Kato Kiyotaka. Facilitated by Takizawa Hiroki, Manager from the Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office (TJPO), discussions revolved around these three main themes, exploring future plans for LPT and i2i to facilitate exchange and development for startups from both sides.

i2i, supported by the SMESA, functions as a team providing government resources to assist matchmaking and counseling for startups. It also forms IP2 advisory teams comprising experts and key industry figures to offer valuable advice on entrepreneurship and industry development. Through international exchanges, technology matchmaking, and business contract signings, i2i promotes Taiwanese startups internationally and attracts overseas startups to Taiwan. Additionally, i2i operates startup clusters, offering affordable venue rentals and significant support in budget planning, idea exchange, counseling, and mutual assistance for startups in their initial stages.

LPT has long facilitated mutual exchanges between startups and large enterprises while collaborating with local Japanese governments to promote the development of medical and smart city technologies. This visit brought Japanese industry insights and laid the groundwork for Taiwan-Japan cooperation. The i2i team will continue to assist in matchmaking trends and technology industries relevant to Taiwanese startups.

About Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT)

LPT is a startup accelerator from Japan that has long assisted Japanese SMEs in international exchanges and cooperation, importing overseas experiences to promote research and development and operational technological capabilities in the Japanese manufacturing industry. Currently, LPT is collaborating with the Canadian startup accelerator DMZ (Digital Media Zone) to introduce innovative knowledge and has signed an MOU with the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) in Canada. Through this exchange to Taiwan, LPT also hopes to leverage the energy of Taiwanese startups to further integrate Japanese startups into the international arena and accelerate the digital transformation of domestic SMEs.

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