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Bring Out Bilateral Collaboration: i2i Launch Meeting between Taiwanese Company D8AI and Japanese Startup Mayai

Last Thursday (5/9), i2i successfully hosted the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, inviting aspiring Japanese startups looking to enter the Taiwanese market. Following the smooth conclusion of the event, in continuation of Taiwan-Japan friendly exchanges and future commercial cooperation intentions, i2i launched a meeting between Taiwan's AI technology service company, D8AI-tc, and the Japanese AI startup team Mayai, who participated in the review meeting.

Both parties preliminarily understood each other's products and core technologies, discussed potential collaboration directions, and i2i will assist in arranging a second online meeting to facilitate the signing of a confidentiality agreement, paving the way for further cooperative discussions.

D8AI-tc is a Taiwan-based company with AI technology services at its core. Its products and services include enterprise chatbots, intelligent customer service, AI document recognition and search, generative AI applications, natural language analysis, and business data prediction. Its application areas span government services, finance and insurance, e-commerce retail, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing. Currently, it plans to expand its business to the Japanese market, requiring industry information and Japanese-language voice system data.

Japanese startup Mayai specializes in "AI voice systems," developing phone answering software using AI technology, establishing a "virtual phone" for enterprise and personal work use. It intends to enter the Taiwanese market but lacks Chinese language system data and relevant industry information in Taiwan.

During this meeting, it was confirmed that both parties have very similar development directions in AI applications and can provide advice to each other on the different market characteristics and technological trends in Taiwan and Japan, share data, and achieve mutual benefits.

In the future, through continuous assistance from the i2i team, efforts will be made to further cross-border exchanges and cooperation, linking the Taiwan-Japan startup ecosystem and resource sharing.

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