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i2i Facilitates Meeting between Japanese AI Startup Mayai and Consultant David Lee, Providing Professional Guidance on GTM Strategies

Recently, the i2i team hosted the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, where David Lee, former Taiwan General Manager of Oracle Corporation, was invited as a consultant to provide guidance for Japanese startup teams presenting investment pitches.

Following the event, i2i continued to facilitate business exchanges between international startups and Taiwanese enterprises, arranging a meeting between consultant David Lee and the Japanese technology startup Mayai to discuss strategies for Mayai's entry into the Taiwanese market and directions for improving their new product development. This effort aims to foster international startup ecosystems and promote cross-border industry exchanges and collaboration.

David Lee, with previous roles including Vice President of IBM Taiwan, General Manager of Oracle Taiwan, and General Manager of Oracle China East and West Regions, as well as CEO of China Doppler Communications Co., Ltd., brings rich practical experience in digital transformation, AI, and media applications.During the meeting, David Lee provided valuable suggestions for Mayai's AI smart voice system software.

Firstly, he pointed out that Mayai's product spans across industries such as architecture, retail, and healthcare, resulting in too broad market positioning and a scattered target audience, potentially leading to issues with the professionalism of AI model training. He recommended focusing on specific development areas based on the team's expertise and industry applicability.

Additionally, he advised Mayai to gain a better understanding of competitors in the Taiwanese market to highlight the advantages of their own product.

Furthermore, David Lee committed to collaborating with i2i to help Mayai connect with Taiwanese enterprises with similar technological and product development interests, exploring potential cooperation opportunities.

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