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ASUS Global Vice President Henry Yeh Appointed as i2i Consultant, Providing Professional Guidance on Startup Development and Technology Trends

i2i has long been assisting international startup incubation programs, facilitating the entry of overseas potential startups into Taiwan for development and fostering business cooperation. The upcoming 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day will host enterprise decision-makers and industry technical experts to provide guidance, facilitating investment briefing sessions for Canadian and Japanese startups interested in collaborating with Taiwanese companies and entering the Taiwanese market.

In order to enhance the professionalism of counseling and services, i2i has invited Henry Yeh, Global Vice President of ASUS, to serve as a consultant. Yeh will provide expertise in startup development, digital transformation, and technology trends, bringing invaluable firsthand experience sharing to the participating startup teams.

The i2i team visited Vice President Yeh this week to express gratitude for his continuous support as a consultant and to provide an overview of the new product technologies involved in this round of startup participation. It is hoped that there will be ongoing exchanges with the consultant in the future, drawing on his expertise in information and communication technology and corporate operations for continuous improvement, thereby providing more comprehensive services to assist the development of Taiwanese startups.

During this meeting, i2i briefed Consultant Yeh on the Demo Day process and introduced the participating startup teams.

Yeh noted that in recent years, the Japanese startup ecosystem has been focusing on the AI field, particularly in applications such as generative AI voice recognition, customer service, and education training. ASUS has also been continuously developing related hardware and software equipment functionalities. The Taiwanese market has broad demands and fierce competition in related areas. Yeh suggested that international startups could consider collaborating with Taiwanese companies in OEM/ODM mode.

Additionally, Canadian startup teams tend to focus on semiconductor material technology and hardware equipment development, which aligns with Taiwan's strengths. In the future, if there are potential international startups with a certain degree of alignment in research and development directions with Taiwanese companies, they are warmly welcomed to initiate in-depth cooperation discussions.

Yeh pointed out that Japan has always been an important industrial partner for Taiwan. He participates in startup competitions organized by the Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Association every year, listening to investment briefing sessions from Japanese startup teams and regularly understanding the transnational startup ecosystem, while also identifying potential directions for cooperation. ASUS currently focuses on AI PC application technology and the development of intelligent healthcare, hoping for the emergence of more related industry startups and emerging technologies.

Henry Yeh, currently serving as Global Vice President of ASUS, has nearly forty years of professional and practical experience in the information and communication field. He has long been focused on the development of emerging technologies such as 5G technology, AI applications, robotics, and smart precision medicine, while also assisting in enterprise digital transformation, talent training, and innovation promotion.

Yeh believes that the Taiwanese government must have a more open mindset and attitude, absorbing international resources and experiences, and providing more support for startup development.

i2i has long been committed to nurturing innovative development, hoping to embody the spirit of Consultant Yeh and assist in linking Taiwan's startup ecosystem globally, thereby driving domestic industrial transformation and upgrading.

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