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i2i Chairman Gary Gong Meets with President of Monte Jade DC Terry Hsiao to Advance Taiwan-US Startup Exchange Platform

Continuing its efforts from past Outbound initiatives, i2i Team aims to lead Taiwan startups onto the global stage, focusing on advancing Taiwan startups into the US market. i2i Chairman Gary Gong and President Terry Hsiao of Monte Jade DC engaged in a friendly meeting this week (4/16), committing to jointly promote the Taiwan-US startup exchange platform. They discussed the distinctive features of startup ecosystems in both Taiwan and the US, reaching a cooperative consensus, marking a significant milestone in Taiwan's international startup landing initiatives.

This Wednesday, Chairman Gary Gong of i2i Team led discussions with President Terry Hsiao of Monte Jade DC, laying the groundwork for long-term collaborative projects. Their dialogue aimed to bolster the Taiwan-US startup exchange platform, explore the unique characteristics and industry dynamics of both startup ecosystems. The meeting resulted in an amicable consensus, symbolizing a pivotal phase in Taiwan's international startup landing initiatives.

Terry Hsiao, a globally renowned serial entrepreneur and angel investor, boasts multiple successful ventures in cloud software, mobile industries, wireless communications, and financial technology.

Recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the National ACE in 2017, Terry founded InphoMatch in 2000, acquired by Sybase in 2006 for $425 million.

In 2013, he founded Hookmobile, assuming the role of Chairman in 2018, while Kaleyra, where he serves as Chief Technology Officer, went public through a SPAC in 2019.

Since 2018, Terry has served as President of Monte Jade DC, focusing on technology, entrepreneurship, and investment exchanges, attracting global tech entrepreneurs to assist Taiwan startups and SMEs in upgrading.

Additionally, he began teaching entrepreneurship courses at Marymount University in 2020.

President Terry Hsiao has long been assisting i2i Team in nurturing and cultivating Taiwan startups, serving as an expert mentor for this year's joint initiative, the 2024 IP2 Scale Out Program, co-organized by i2i Team and EntreCamp. He shares his extensive international entrepreneurship experience, training Taiwan startups preparing to expand into the East Coast market, particularly New York.

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