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【2024 IP2 Scale Out Expert Insights】Mastering Entrepreneurship: From Taiwan to the Global Stage

In today's thriving entrepreneurial landscape, finding the right guidance and inspiration can determine the fate of a startup. To support outstanding startups in Taiwan, i2i teamed up with Entre Camp to host a two-day physical training event, inviting ten outstanding startups selected for the New York Project. The event aimed to set goals, match mentors, and listen to the sharing of alumni from entrepreneurial accelerators, enabling participants to gain practical experience and learn from each other.

Course Information:

  1. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem from Taiwan to the United States Speaker: Dr. IC Chan As the founder of the Taiwan Global Angel Investment Fund, Dr. Chan invests in smart IoT and digital health startups in Silicon Valley. Dr. Chan conducted research visits at UC Berkeley and served as an entrepreneurship mentor at Berkeley SkyDeck and 500 Global accelerator, guiding participants to gain a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystems between Taiwan and the United States.

Break time: Entre Camp

Exchange Session During the course breaks, Claire Chang from Entre Camp facilitated communication and ice-breaking among participants, strengthening connections and promoting opportunities for resource collaboration and sharing.

  1. Mastery in Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Experience, Key Skills, and Mindset Preparation Speaker: Mr. Terry Hsiao Led by renowned entrepreneur Terry Hsiao, the course delved into the key skills and qualities needed for entrepreneurship. Mr. Hsiao is a prominent figure in Washington's mobile communication industry, having founded a company that was acquired by major Silicon Valley corporations, earning high respect in the industry. His wealth of experience sharing enables participants to better tackle the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey.

This event aimed to provide support and guidance to outstanding startups in Taiwan, helping them stand out in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape. Through interaction and exchange with experts, it laid a solid foundation for startups participating in the New York Project and injected more vitality into Taiwan's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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