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Jmem Tek Introduces PQC+PUF Hardware Security Solution to New York Investment Market

Taiwanese startup Jmem Tek participated in this year's "2024 IP2 Scale Out Program" organized by i2i and the U.S. accelerator EntreCamp. The program included the Taiwan Demo Day, held on June 21 in Manhattan, where Jmem Tek's CEO John Chang showcased their innovative products and technology concepts, capturing the attention of the East Coast investment market.

Jmem Tek focuses on providing cybersecurity solutions for hardware security IP, aiming to create a safer online environment for the IoT era. Through i2i's startup accelerator program, the company seeks to boost the international presence of Taiwanese startups and expand business opportunities in the U.S.

(John Chang, CEO of Jmem Tek, presenting the professional team at the investment demo.)

During the demo, John Chang demonstrated advanced cybersecurity solutions.Jmem Tek specializes in providing hardware security technologies, uniquely combining post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and physically unclonable functions (PUF). This solution, embedded in the chip, ensures safer data storage and unbreakable authentication mechanisms, effectively preventing device attacks and creating a more secure information network environment for the IoT era.

John Chang explained that participating in the IP2 Scale Out Program aims to assess the potential for expanding into the U.S. market. The company seeks to evaluate the compatibility of its products with the U.S. market, understand the development of cybersecurity technology in New York, and receive feedback from the market. Additionally, the program aims to build connections with U.S. networks, serving as a reference for future market expansion.

(John Chang presenting the company's products and technologies at the investment demo.)

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