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SMESA Approves IP2 Scale Out Program: Kick-off Event to Propel Taiwanese Startups into the New York Market

On May 15, the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration (SMESA) hosted the "IP2 Scale Out Program Kick-off Event." The event brought together this year's selected startup entrepreneurs and the program's executor, i2i. The initiative aims to support Taiwanese startups in their local training in New York, facilitating their expansion into the East Coast market and establishing a solid presence.

(The event was led by Shi-Chien Lei, Director of the Startup and Incubation Division at SMESA, with the i2i team and participating startups in attendance.)

Taiwan boasts a comprehensive industrial ecosystem holding software, biotech, AIoT, and more, which attracts international investment and corporate startup engagement (CSE). SMESA has a history of partnering with i2i to propel Taiwanese startups onto the global stage.

This kick-off event, hosted by Shi-Chien Lei and attended by Deputy Director Lin Chia-Hui, Specialist Chang Shu-Ju, Section Chief Tsai Chi-Ling, Technical Specialist Liao Shuang-Yu, and i2i Chairman Gary Gong, underscores the ongoing commitment to nurturing startups in cutting-edge fields. The aim is to link Taiwan's startup ecosystem with global networks, fostering opportunities for international investment and collaboration, and driving the transformation and upgrade of domestic industries.

As SMESA’s executing team, i2i provides essential guidance and resources to startups. This year, selected Taiwanese startups are focused on applications in "AI, IoT, cybersecurity, and biotech."

i2i, in collaboration with the US-based incubator EntreCamp, has launched the "2024 IP2 Scale Out Program," featuring comprehensive training sessions, mentorship from international experts, and exchanges with global startup accelerators. Ten companies, including Taiwan Carbon Materials Corp. (TCMC), Jmem Technology, MACROMICRO, Numbers Protocol, Oen Tech, Calyx, Aulea Asia, Astron Medtech, Preteeth AI, and Autopass, will be heading to New York. There, they will participate in Taiwan Demo Day, connecting with international clients and investors to accelerate their overseas market expansion and pursue international POC projects or fundraising opportunities.

Looking ahead, SMESA will continue guiding i2i to support Taiwan's startup ecosystem, providing resources to foster startup growth, driving domestic industry transformation and upgrading, and implementing a bilateral landing mechanism. This initiative aims to link Taiwan's and the global startup ecosystems, helping domestic startups explore global business opportunities while attracting overseas startups and resources to Taiwan, establishing Taiwan Startup Terrace as a hub of international entrepreneurial influence.

(The event featured speeches and encouragement from Shi-Chien Lei, Director of the Startup and Incubation Division at SMESA in the middle, and Gary Gong, Chairman of i2i on the left, offering advice and motivation to the startup teams.)

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