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i2i x EntreCamp Collaboration 1+1: 2024 IP2 Scale Out Training Program, Enhancing US-Taiwan Cooperation

Continuing the success of leading Taiwan's startups towards international recognition, we aim to further refine our experiences this year. In collaboration with EntreCamp, our overseas startup accelerator partner, i2i is proud to announce the launch of the Scale Out New York program. This initiative provides comprehensive support for startups, including crucial information, expert insights, and more, guiding selected domestic startups to establish their presence on the East Coast of the United States. Recently, we also conducted a two-day on-site training program at the IP2 International Startup Park, providing firsthand and effective guidance for startups preparing to venture into entrepreneurship in the United States.

About EntreCamp

Established by seasoned venture capitalists IC, renowned startup legal consultant Bryan, and Claire, bringing experience from venture accelerator programs, EntreCamp has evolved into the top collaborative partner for Taiwanese startups entering the US market. Having operated in the US West Coast market for years, they expanded to the US East Coast in 2023, offering a complete ecosystem comprising funding, mentorship, corporate resources, and market access. This has made EntreCamp a renowned startup accelerator in the Eastern United States, fostering technological cooperation and mutual growth between Taiwan and the US. Taiwan Global Angels has already invested in five startup teams and two funds in the US, including the MIT Media Lab E14 Fund, totaling USD 11 million in investments.

EntreCamp's goal is to assist Taiwanese startups in entering the US market, starting from mindset adjustments to cultivating necessary skills, particularly focusing on sequentially establishing Product Market Fit, Founder Market Fit, and Investor Market Fit.

This year, in collaboration with EntreCamp, i2i has launched the third edition of the IP2 Scale Out program. Claire from EntreCamp has been actively involved in both online and offline event planning and execution, providing comprehensive guidance and support to all participating startup teams.

1+1 for Startups

Joint Venture to the US with i2i and EntreCamp In the next phase of the New York program, selected startup companies will undergo a six-week online course led by EntreCamp and i2i. From late May to late June, these startups will be on the ground in New York, where they will receive intensive business practical training, one-on-one presentation rehearsals with mentors and teams, preparing them for optimal performance at the Taiwanese Startup Demo Day on the East Coast. This aims to seize further investment and collaboration opportunities.

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