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Demo Day Hosted by i2i and EntreCamp Attracts Amazon and VCs, Securing Over $14 Million in Funding

This year, i2i and the American accelerator EntreCamp launched the 2024 IP2 Scale Out Program, aiming to introduce Taiwanese startups to the New York market.

On June 21, a successful Demo Day event was held in Manhattan, showcasing the achievements of ten selected Taiwanese startups. The event marked a significant milestone in fostering Taiwan-U.S. startup ecosystem collaboration, drawing attention from American investors and securing over $14 million in funding.

(i2i members, EntreCamp members, and representatives from the ten Taiwanese startups pose for a photo at Demo Day.)

This year, i2i collaborated with EntreCamp to promote the IP2 (International Program + International Park) Scale Out Program. Ten outstanding Taiwanese startups were selected to participate in a landing training program, culminating in a Demo Day on June 21 in Manhattan. The event successfully captured the interest and support of the East Coast investment market, injecting new energy into Taiwan’s startup industry.

EntreCamp consists of IP2 Review Board member and Taiwan Global Angels founder, IC, renowned startup legal advisor Bryan, and experienced accelerator expert Claire. This team, with their extensive investment experience in the U.S., provides comprehensive support including funding, expert guidance, and networking resources, making them a solid and reliable partner for i2i. They offer robust assistance to Taiwanese startups entering the U.S. market.

(i2i Chairman Gary Gong delivers the opening speech at Demo Day, introducing the IP2 Scale Out Program and encouraging Taiwanese startups to venture into the international market.)

EntreCamp Project Manager Claire highlighted that Taiwan's international recognition is on the rise, and domestic startups are highly ambitious about entering global markets. Simultaneously, the U.S. market’s interest and demand for Taiwanese startups are continuously increasing. The event provided a valuable opportunity for both sides to exchange ideas, with representatives from Amazon's investment division, venture capitalists, and angel investors attending to seek collaboration opportunities.

i2i Chairman Gary Gong noted that i2i has long promoted the international expansion of Taiwanese startups. According to the latest statistics, the ten Taiwanese startups participating in this year’s program have already secured over $14 million in funding, showcasing the phased achievements of Taiwanese startups connecting with international markets.

This year’s participating Taiwanese startups include Astron Medtech, Aluea Medical, Autopass, Calyx, Preteeth AI, Oen Tech, MacroMicro, TCMC, Numbers Protocol, and JMEM Technology.

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