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GM of Systex Information Spearheads International Startup Development: Meeting with i2i to Explore Future Collaborative Prospects

i2i recently visited the headquarters of Systex Information to engage in friendly discussions with International Business Unit, General Manager Richard Tang, AGP Program Manager Thomas Lin, and Eric Chen, the Planning and Execution Officer for the Japanese region. i2i introduced the upcoming IP2 Launchpad Demo Day scheduled for early May. This meeting will invite startups from Canada and Japan to participate, covering emerging products and technologies in areas such as AI applications, IoT, and semiconductors.

i2i sincerely appreciates Mr. Tang's longstanding role as a member of the IP2 International Advisory Board, assisting in promoting i2i's startup incubation program. i2i also extended invitations to the three distinguished guests to attend the review meeting, with hopes for continued close collaboration in providing professional knowledge and enterprise matchmaking information regarding trends in hardware, AI application technology, semiconductors, and other industries. Together, they aim to foster business cooperation between potential foreign startups and Taiwan and facilitate domestic startups' integration into the international market landscape.

The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the upcoming IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, where promising startups from Japan and Canada will share their latest product technologies and innovative ideas to expand collaboration opportunities. i2i invited Richard Tang, General Manager of International Business Unit of Systex Information, a senior partner, to attend.

On one hand, they sought the advisors' guidance for participating international startups on industry information, Taiwan market trends, company operations, and technology development directions. On the other hand, through the review meeting, they showcased products and technologies from potential tech startups in Japan and Canada, providing opportunities for interaction and business matchmaking with industry leaders and experts, thereby promoting mutually beneficial cooperation.

i2i sincerely appreciates Mr. Tang's long-standing role as a member of the International Advisory Board, his contributions and support in providing professional guidance and enterprise matchmaking information are indispensable for driving the linkage of Taiwan and international startup ecosystems, promoting industry transformation and development, and facilitating the exchange of emerging technologies.

In the future, i2i will continue to collaborate with Systex Information, focusing on areas such as hardware, AI application technology, and semiconductors, to promote business cooperation between potential foreign startups and Taiwan. They will also provide support and guidance for domestic startups to expand into international markets.

About Systex Information:

Systex Information (SYSTEX), established in 1997, is a leading enterprise in Taiwan's information services industry. With approximately 4,500 employees, it serves over 40,000 enterprise and institutional clients, generating consolidated revenue of NT$35.1 billion. Based on 5A (AP, APP, API, Appliance, Algorithm) cross-domain software capabilities, it provides innovative value data services and business models. Systex also launched the XI Cloud proprietary cloud application ecosystem platform service, integrating with major public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, to accelerate enterprises' journey to the cloud.

Furthermore, Systex has been focusing on the development of software and data ecosystems for many years, actively participating in the "Taiwan AI Action Plan." In 2018, it launched the AI+ Generator Program (AGP) to assist Taiwan's AI potential startups in accelerating their product and service applications in the industry, matching startups with Systex's 30,000 enterprise customers, and helping them expand into overseas markets.

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