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IP2 Launchpad Demo Day Set for This Week: i2i Kicks off Full-scale Rehearsals and Cross-border Connection Tests


This Thursday (5/9), i2i will host the IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, concurrently managing events in Canada and Japan. Today, the team conducted connectivity tests and process rehearsals with various international startup teams to ensure smooth proceedings.

During the event in Canada, presentations will be delivered by six startup teams including GECCO, CentML, Zinite, Power HV, CEMworks, and Applied Brain Research, introducing new products, technologies, business models, future development plans, as well as requirements and advantages for connecting with Taiwanese enterprises.

In Japan, six startup teams including Mayai, Corpy, VoiceCast, One AI, SchooMy, and Pinmicro will simultaneously present their Pitch Decks.

i2i will invite international consultant review committee members to attend, providing guidance and assistance to potential startups in connecting with suitable industries. In addition, i2i will continue to monitor the subsequent processes, offering counseling and business matchmaking services.

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