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i2i Meet with Canadian Accelerators CTA and DMZ for Strategic Partnership at North America's Largest Tech Event, Collision

This month, i2i launched its 2024 IP2 Scale Out New York program, leading Taiwanese startups into the East Coast market. Alongside this initiative, i2i is partnering with the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) to participate in Collision, North America's largest tech event, held in Toronto, Canada. The event is pivotal for understanding the future trends in startups and technology.

Last week (5/10), with the help of CTA representative Judy Chen, i2i held an online meeting with Yumiko Namiki from the Canadian startup incubator DMZ. They agreed to meet in person at Collision to establish a three-way partnership, fostering market and investment opportunities.

DMZ, a global startup growth incubator based in Toronto, has international offices in Vietnam, India, and the U.S. Its mission is to nurture the next generation of tech entrepreneurs by offering networking, community connections, professional guidance, and fundraising support. DMZ has successfully helped over 800 startups raise more than $2.5 billion in capital.

Yumiko Namiki, representing DMZ, is responsible for fostering startup projects in the Asia-Pacific region, including Taiwan. She collaborates with the Canadian Embassy in Japan and is currently in Tokyo assisting international startups entering the Japanese market through the Soft-landing program. She will lead several Canadian startups to Collision, North America's largest tech event.

The i2i team works closely with government departments to advance startup incubation programs. They will send a delegation to Toronto to meet with CTA and DMZ, with i2i Chairman Ren-Wen Gong in attendance.

Judy expressed that CTA is eager to deepen its collaboration with DMZ, given DMZ's extensive work with Taiwanese startups. She hopes this partnership will strengthen their relationship and appreciates DMZ's hospitality during Collision, anticipating future collaborative agreements.

Yumiko Namiki expressed that CTA and i2i are encouraged to participate and potentially arrange B2B meetings post-event to explore collaboration opportunities.

Yumiko also mentioned last year's partnership between DMZ and i2i's partner, Landing Pad Tokyo, which involved exchanging startup ecosystem connections and resources. i2i looks forward to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with more partners for shared success.

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