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Advancing i2i in the Tech Domain: Visiting AI EXPO Taiwan 2024 Focuses on AI Applications, Smart Cities, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and More

The AI EXPO Taiwan 2024, held this year at the Taipei Expo Park and spanning three days (4/24-4/26), revolves around the theme "AIvolution." It centers on five major domains: Smart Factories, AI-powered Cities, Corporate Governance, Business Life, and Life Sciences. The expo explores the latest trends and application solutions in cloud storage, chip computing, computer vision, industrial computing, software services, and more.

Embracing the concept of "AI+," the expo addresses issues such as blockchain technology, information security, talent, and energy, harnessing AI technology alongside Taiwan's outstanding manufacturing industry to develop practical products and services. This initiative aims to propel industrial transformation, facilitate industry exchanges, foster technological collaborations, and explore innovative developments.

i2i visited the expo to glean insights into the latest technological trends and market dynamics, thereby enhancing their ability to provide comprehensive professional services and support the growth of domestic industries and startups.

The expo's thematic focus on AI applications, smart cities, corporate governance, blockchain, cybersecurity, talent, and energy underscores the diverse trajectories of future technological development. AI technology's application landscape continues to broaden, addressing various aspects of modern work, life, and entertainment, offering humanity more convenient and sustainable technological applications and solutions.

For instance, AI has made significant breakthroughs in fields such as machine learning, natural language processing, facial recognition, and chip computing, culminating in the development of various products and services including smart manufacturing, automation systems, and smart city designs. In terms of corporate governance, participating enterprises at this exhibition are dedicated to data-driven transformation, talent development, and cybersecurity systems. By integrating blockchain technology and data analytics tools, they aim to enhance business processes, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen cybersecurity, and enable digital identity authentication, injecting new vigor into industrial upgrading.

For years, i2i has been committed to mentoring and nurturing startups in relevant industries, annually inviting key industry leaders, decision-makers, and technical experts to form an international advisory team, providing professional knowledge in fields such as AI artificial intelligence, hardware and software design, semiconductors, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and medical biotechnology.

Through the visit to the AI EXPO exhibition, the team absorbed product and service showcases, industry expert exchanges, and experiences in business and technology matchmaking, continuously deepening their expertise in serving small and medium-sized enterprises and fostering the professional skills of the startup ecosystem. This assistance helps startups grasp the latest trends and plan future development strategies effectively.

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