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i2i and CTA Successfully Conclude IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, Enhancing Taiwan-Canada Startup Ecosystem Connectivity and Development

i2i, in collaboration with the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), has successfully launched the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Program. Focused on AI (AIoT), HealthTech, and semiconductor industries, the program selected six outstanding Canadian startups to participate in this year's second IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, which concluded in early May.

The event, chaired by i2i Chairman Gary Gong, featured key figures including former Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Ed Jager, CTA representative Judy Chen, and members of the international advisory board. It provided a platform for international startups to connect with Taiwanese enterprises, facilitating rapid market expansion and fostering greater exchange and collaboration within the global industry.

(Former Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Ed Jager, on the left, and Gary Gong, Chairman of i2i, on the right.)

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), a part of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) supported by the Canadian government, serves as a crucial partner for i2i. Together, they have launched a global startup ecosystem development program aimed at bridging Canadian startups with Taiwan's startup ecosystem, exploring cross-border collaboration opportunities.

With CTA's assistance, the IP2 Launchpad Demo Day selected six out of thirty-five promising Canadian startups, covering a range of products and services in AIoT, HealthTech, and semiconductor fields. The participating companies included CentML Inc, Applied Brain Research, CEMWorks, Zinite, Power HV, and Green Edge Computing Corp. These startups presented their investment pitches at Demo Day.

During the event, chaired by i2i Chairman Gary Gong, former Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Ed Jager, and CTA representative Judy Chen were invited to listen to live presentations from Canadian startup teams. The international advisory board provided guidance, suggestions, and explored opportunities for collaboration. Gong expressed gratitude to Director Ed Jager and CTA partners for their long-term assistance in promoting i2i's international startup connectivity initiatives, emphasizing the honor of witnessing the next phase of mutual growth in the Taiwan-Canada startup ecosystem.

(Ed Jager delivering the opening speech at the event.)

Following the event, i2i will continue to drive the IP2 Launchpad program to facilitate the landing of international startups in Taiwan.

In June of this year, the i2i team will travel to Toronto, Canada to host the third IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, exploring market dynamics and the startup ecosystem in Canada.

Additionally, in October, in collaboration with CTA, i2i plans to hold the fourth Demo Day, further strengthening the connectivity between the Taiwan-Canada startup ecosystems and driving innovation and global alignment in both countries' domestic industries.

(Judy Chen, representative of CTA, second from the left, engaging in discussions with the i2i team and members of the international advisory board.)

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