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i2i Matchmaking: Japan's Startup SchooMy Collaborates with Mighty Net to Explore OEM and Product POC Possibilities

2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day concluded successfully last week (5/9), embracing the spirit of facilitating precise connections and collaborative exchanges between international startups and Taiwanese enterprises. Upholding this mission, i2i continued the positive momentum of the Demo Day by facilitating a discussion between Mighty Net's Vice General Manager, Ray Tai, and SchooMy, a Japanese startup that participated in the review meeting.

The dialogue focused on sharing technical insights and exploring possibilities for OEM collaboration. Vice General Manager Ray expressed the commitment to provide comprehensive support to SchooMy across manufacturing, design, and product development fronts.

Additionally, i2i pledged to facilitate further exchanges between SchooMy and Taiwanese enterprises and units with high compatibility, based on market demands for their product technology, to explore potential collaboration directions.

Vice General Manager Ray Tai brings over 10 years of practical experience in the ODM/EMS field, with a strong background in innovative transformations within traditional EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), covering areas such as open-source hardware Arduino, 3D printing, and IoT. In 2014, Mighty Net was established focusing on information services, hardware design and manufacturing, and startup development as an independent innovative department under the Mighty Net Group.

The SchooMy team from Japan has developed the "SchooMy Gear," a compact computing device equipped with proprietary panels and sensors, configurable for handheld microcomputers and components, primarily applied in educational training. They have already developed over 100 types of sensors and aim to establish presence in Taiwan, negotiate OEM collaborations with Taiwanese enterprises, and utilize i2i's assistance to connect with potential customer markets for product validation testing.

During this meeting, SchooMy provided an initial overview of their manufacturing requirements to Mighty Net, and both parties agreed to sign an NDA to facilitate deeper technical exchanges in subsequent discussions to assess suitable collaboration aspects.

Ray Tai emphasized that Mighty Net possesses professional teams and laboratory capacity across manufacturing, design, and product development fronts, capable of providing assistance across POC, design, and small-scale manufacturing aspects. Furthermore, he advised SchooMy to maintain their R&D capabilities and continuously develop new types of sensors annually to not only attract new target customers but also enhance the stickiness of existing market customers.

The meeting solidified the future direction of collaboration between Mighty Net and SchooMy, with i2i pledging to continue assisting SchooMy in connecting with Taiwanese enterprises with high compatibility in product technology and seeking opportunities for product testing in potential customer markets.

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