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i2i Chairman Gary Gong Visits MIT-Authorized City Science Lab at Taipei Tech to Explore Taiwan-US Tech Innovations

Recently, on May 17th, i2i Chairman Gary Gong led his team to visit the City Science Lab @ Taipei Tech, established through a bilateral cooperation agreement between Taipei Tech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The visit aimed to explore global technological innovations and the collaborative achievements of Taiwan and the US.

The team also plans to visit the MIT Media Lab headquarters in June to gain a deeper understanding of international research and talent development collaboration models. This experience will inspire i2i’s future efforts in nurturing startups, planning acceleration projects, and promoting new interaction models for industry cooperation.

MIT Media Lab x Taipei Tech City Science Lab

Gary Gong, leading his team, visited the City Science Lab @ Taipei Tech, a unique lab in Taiwan authorized by MIT since 2017. This lab engages in international research and talent development in areas like smart cities, urban planning, data analysis, artificial intelligence, robotics, information engineering, and public policy.

The lab aims to break traditional educational boundaries in Taiwan by fostering cross-disciplinary learning and introducing collaborative research and teaching strategies from MIT, covering fields such as electronics, mechanical materials engineering, architecture, biology, design, and music. The emphasis is on inspiring student teamwork, hands-on practice, and seeking innovative global tech solutions.

Learning from International Research Models to Enhance i2i’s Startup Support System

Gary Gong emphasized that the research outcomes from the City Science Lab @ Taipei Tech are significant for the development of smart cities and emerging technologies. These results showcase Taiwan’s potential in tech innovation and international collaboration and serve as an excellent reference for i2i’s startup incubation and acceleration programs.

i2i will continue to learn from top international research institutions, keep up with the latest tech trends, and promote the globalization of Taiwan's startup ecosystem, further enhancing its startup support system.

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