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i2i Chairman Gary Gong and Syscom GM James Liu Discuss Long-term Collaboration and Future Prospects

i2i has been a long-standing promoter of the IP2 Launchpad Program, hosting international Demo Days. These events aim to identify and bring promising overseas startups to Taiwan for development and business collaborations. The program invites corporate decision-makers and industry experts to serve as international advisors, guiding both domestic and international startups and providing CSE partnership opportunities.

On May 17th, i2i Chairman Gary Gong and his team met with Syscom General Manager James Liu to discuss the achievements of their ongoing collaboration. Gary also invited James to attend the fourth international Demo Day of the year, scheduled for October. James's participation will provide invaluable advice to startups on digital transformation, IT industry knowledge and trends, market entry strategies, and business model planning.

James Liu currently serves as the General Manager of Syscom, the President of the National Quality & Sustainable Excellence Allience, Vice Chairman of the Cloud Computing & IoT Association in Taiwan, Honorary Chairman of the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C. (CISA), Vice Chairman of Information Management Association of R.O.C. (IMA), and Vice Chairman of the Digital Transformation Association (DTA). He has previously held the position of Chairman at CISA and has been a steadfast partner to i2i over the years.

Under James's leadership, Syscom has significantly advanced Taiwan's software industry, achieving CMMI Level 5 certification twice and winning the 25th National Quality Award in 2018. His efforts have elevated Taiwan's software industry to global standards, strengthening the "Made in Taiwan" brand and driving industrial transformation.

Gary Gong, Chairman of i2i, expressed his gratitude for James Liu’s long-term support as a friend and international advisor. He looks forward to continued cooperation, working together to advance Taiwan's startup and IT industries.

About Syscom

Founded in 1975 and listed in Taiwan since 2001, Syscom is a leading enterprise in Taiwan's software industry. It operates in Taiwan, China, Japan, the US, Thailand, and Vietnam, offering transnational IT services.

Syscom developed the DBMaker database system, successfully marketed in Europe, America, and Japan. In recent years, it has focused on cloud computing integration services, providing ERP, CRM, EIP, and POS solutions, establishing itself as an international IT service provider.

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