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Taiwan's industrial clusters

Taiwan has agile and flexible companies, complete infrastructure, and a sound industrial environment suitable for IT development. Currently, Taiwan has the highest industrial cluster density in the world. Taiwan's IT competiveness mainly relies on superior high-tech infrastructure and R&D talent.

Taiwan has become the global supply base for high-tech products. Taiwan's industrial cluster development ranks number one in the world in the WEF's "World Competitiveness Report 2015-2016". Over the past few years, the Taiwan government has effectively promoted the formation and development of industrial clusters and encouraged innovation, which has won recognition by international institutions.

Taiwan has global deployment experience and an integrated upstream and downstream foundation in the electronics and ICT industries, which enable effective integration of global resources. Taiwan's technologies in the high-tech industry have been on par with international trends. With strong OEM/ODM capabilities, Taiwan companies have been important partners of global brand names. Along with the increase of overseas investment, the proportion of overseas production to orders received has also increased. According to Industrial Technology Research Institute statistics, more than 20 Taiwan high-tech products rank among the top three in their field in the world. Many of these products have more than 50% of global market share.

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