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Taiwan Deepens Ties With Israeli Hi-Tech Industry

Taiwan has been expanding its ties with Israeli startups for the last three years. Courtesy

A delegation of 20 senior executives from the Taiwanese ecosystem arrived in Israel this week (8.28) in an effort to deepen ties with the Israeli high-tech industry. For the last three years, Taiwan has been operating programs to accelerate the entry of Israeli companies into its ecosystem.

Start-Up Nation Central, the non-profit organization that promotes Israeli innovation, set up meetings and led to the creation of business opportunities between the delegation and Israeli start-up companies, and presented a work model for expanding activity and working with the Israeli ecosystem.

The delegation also met with venture capital funds, research institutes directors, incubators, technology transfer offices and representatives from the Israel Innovation Authority.

“We strive to be the best global hub in the east for startups, and the gateway for companies to eastern markets,” said Mr. Ho Chin-Tsang, Director General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration in Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, who headed the delegation.

“Over the last four years we established two innovation centers which provide international companies and local Taiwanese companies everything they need, from offices and residence, to consulting and networking, and act to accelerate the entry of companies into the ecosystem in Taiwan. We run several programs in these centers, among them dedicated for Israeli startups.

“One of our main goals in this visit is to study up close the collaboration model between the government and the industry in Israel, and adapt it to our ecosystem.”

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs administers a number of innovation programs that advance the ties and the projects of tech cooperation between Taiwan and Israel.

The corporate accelerator IP2 Launchpad, which helps Israeli companies connect with Taiwan’s ecosystem through exposure and a center to launch their activities, also held its annual event in Israel during the visit. It announced 10 finalist Israeli companies that were selected for its acceleration program, including ASUS (carbon-capture mineralizing tech company), and Nucleon Cyber (provider of cyber threat intelligence for organizations).

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