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NTDTV Report: "From Taiwan to New York - Top 10 Startups Expanding into US Market Opportunities"


Thanks to @NewTangDynastyTV for their report. This year, i2i and the American accelerator, EntreCamp, have launched the 2024 IP2 Scale Out Program, aimed at helping Taiwanese startups break into the New York market.

The program's Demo Day took place last Friday (6/21) and was a great success. Sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration (SMESA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the initiative has long supported the integration of Taiwan's startup ecosystem with international markets, helping companies expand globally and bring innovation back to Taiwan.

Now in its third year, this international incubation program has provided startup teams with networking opportunities, market strategies, and entrepreneurial mentorship. So far, Taiwanese startups in this year's program have raised over $10 million. i2i will continue to track the progress of these startups and provide ongoing support, fostering collaboration between the startup ecosystems in Taiwan and the U.S.

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