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Japan Accelerator LPT and The Bank of Fukuoka Join Forces with i2i to Host Demo Day, Expanding Taiwan's Startup Ecosystem into Japan

i2i, in collaboration with Japan's startup accelerator Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT) and The Bank of Fukuoka, hosted the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day in Japan. The event, focused on AI and IoT, selected six promising Japanese startups and was successfully concluded in early May.

The event was led by i2i Chairman Gary Gong and featured prominent guests, including LPT President Inoue Hirotaka, CEO Kiyo Kato, Business Manager Joseph Kyoda, and The Bank of Fukuoka's Director Yusuke Saita. The event provided a valuable opportunity for international startups and Taiwanese companies to connect, explore market opportunities, and foster business collaborations in Japan.

(Left: The Bank of Fukuoka Director Yusuke Saita, Right: Landing Pad Tokyo CEO Kiyo Kato)

Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT) has long supported Japanese SMEs and startups in expanding internationally, fostering global ecosystem connections, and driving domestic industry transformation. As a key partner of i2i, LPT also collaborates with Canada's Digital Media Zone (DMZ) for innovative technology exchanges.

The Bank of Fukuoka, one of Japan's top ten banks, established its Taiwan office in 2015 to conduct market research, expand business networks, and facilitate interactions between promising Japanese startups and i2i teams. This collaboration aims to explore more business opportunities for Japanese startups in Taiwan.

During the Demo Day, six promising Japanese startups, recommended by LPT and The Bank of Fukuoka, presented their AI and IoT-focused products and services. The participating companies included Mayai, Corpy, VoiceCast, One AI, SchooMy, and Pinmicro k.k., each delivering investment pitches.

The event was chaired by Gary Gong, who invited LPT CEO Kiyo Kato and The Bank of Fukuoka Director Yusuke Saita to give speeches and listen to the Japanese startups' presentations. An international advisory panel also provided feedback and discussed potential collaborations.

Following the event, i2i expressed heartfelt gratitude to Landing Pad Tokyo and The Bank of Fukuoka for their continuous support in expanding Taiwan's startup ecosystem into Japan. i2i will continue to work with Japanese partners to promote mutual growth and success.

Future plans include facilitating the entry of Japanese startups into Taiwan and organizing B2B meetings to explore further collaboration opportunities between Taiwanese and Japanese startups, aiming to discover potential for reverse partnerships and market development in Japan.

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