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IP2 Launchpad Demo Day Sparks Business Matching: Japanese Startup OneAI and Lins Holdings Discuss Fundraising Plans

Last month, on May 9th, i2i successfully hosted the IP2 Launchpad Demo Day. The event featured presentations from six Canadian startups and six Japanese startups, inviting top industry leaders and experts from the international review board to participate. They engaged in in-depth discussions on international business expansion, business models, innovative technologies, and products.

On May 21st,  i2i facilitated a B2B online meeting between OneAI, a Japanese startup that participated in the IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, and Lins Holdings, a significant member of the review board. The meeting included OneAI’s CEO Ishikawa Masay, Global Business Director Tim Lin, and COO Winnie, along with Lins Holdings' Investment Manager Sheena Che and Executive Assistant to the CEO Shelly Lee.

OneAI introduced their products and technological applications, explaining their Series B funding requirements and how the funds would be used. Both parties explored other potential areas for collaboration, aiming to identify strategic entry points for OneAI to expand its business in the Taiwanese market.

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