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IP² Launchpad Grand Openning Ceremony


💡 After one year of planning, SMEA has successfully invited multi-national enterprises to join IP² Launchpad Review Board, which is determined to bring Israel Teams to Taiwan for Soft-Landing and Collaboration, relocate their headquarter in Taiwan as center to radiate the whole Asia market.

👏The IP² Launchpad has been conducted on February 18th (Tuesday). It is our honor to have Ex-Minister of Economic Affairs Yen-Shiang, Shih to be the chairman of IP² Review Board, and Director Lei from SMEA to give us the opening speech. The attending guests are: Executive Director of ForMed Simon Su, Chairman of Leo Systems Anthony Wang, Chairman of Trinity Investment Corporation Pao-Chung Ho, Chairman of CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures William Ho, Chairman of Global Angel Capital Leo Wu, General Manager of CHT Security Jeff Hung, Associate Vice President of ECS Elite Group Dennis Mo, Executive Director of BE Capital Arthur Chen, Vice President of Institute of Information Industry RD Yang, General Manager of Acer Ben Wan, CEO of Industrial Technology Research Institute Jia-Ming Liu, General Manager of SYSCOM Computer Engineering Company James Liu, Chairman of TOPCO Scientific Robert Lai, Vice General Manager of Might Electronics Ray Tai.

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