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i2i Meets Honorary Chairman of the Association of Taiwan Listed Companies for Insights on International Startup Technologies

i2i successfully concluded the IP2 Launchpad Japan Demo Day in early May, inviting top industry decision-makers and experts from the IP2 international advisory board to join. The event featured presentations from six Japanese startups specializing in AI and IoT. This event provided invaluable guidance, market expansion opportunities, business matchmaking, and technology exchange for the participating startups.

On May 20th, i2i welcomed Mr. Cai Rong-Teng, Honorary Chairman of the Association of Taiwan Listed Companies, to the Nangang Incubation Center. During his visit, the team briefed Mr. Cai on the Canada session of the Canadian Demo Day held the same day, introducing the Canadian startups, their technologies, products, and services. They sought Mr. Cai’s advice on potential future collaborations between international startups and Taiwanese enterprises.

The meeting also talked about the feedback Mr. Cai provided during the Japan session of the Japan Demo Day. The i2i team aimed to leverage Mr. Cai’s extensive expertise in IoT technology, electronics, mechanical engineering, and innovative business operations to guide international startups and Taiwanese companies in identifying mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

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