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i2i Chairman Gary Gong and LPT Executive Director Kato Kiyotaka Foster Japan-Taiwan Business Collaboration Over Luncheon

Last month, i2i and Japanese startup accelerator Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT) jointly hosted the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Japan Demo Day, selecting six promising Japanese startups to participate.

Recently, on June 7th, i2i Chairman Gary Gong led his team in welcoming LPT Executive Director Kato Kiyotaka and Business Manager Joseph Kyoda to Taiwan for a friendly luncheon. The event focused on discussing the progress of Japanese startups connecting with Taiwanese companies and exploring the status of bilateral startup collaboration between Japan and Taiwan.

(Left: LPT Executive Director Kato Kiyotaka, Right: i2i Chairman Gary Gong)

Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT), a longstanding supporter of Japanese SMEs and startups aiming for international markets, collaborates closely with i2i to link the startup ecosystems of Japan and Taiwan.

During the luncheon, both parties discussed the progress of Japanese startups connecting with Taiwanese counterparts, as well as the challenges and insights related to promoting startup collaboration between the two regions. Topics included cultural differences, language barriers, and the competitive landscape in technology.

i2i suggested that future meetings between Japanese startups and Taiwanese companies could involve representatives from both Landing Pad Tokyo and i2i to provide bilateral communication support and market insights.

Additionally, LPT invited i2i and members of the IP2 International Review Board to participate in the Mt. Fuji Innovation Week forum in Japan. LPT also committed to maintaining a strong partnership with i2i to foster the development of the startup ecosystems in both Japan and Taiwan, driving domestic industry innovation and growth.

(Left: i2i Manager Saviita Chen, Right: LPT Business Manager Joseph Kyoda)

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