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Taiwan-Japan Startup Accelerator Dialogue Concludes Successfully; LPT x i2i Luncheon Party Sets Stage for Demo Day Collaboration

Recently (3/29), the exchange visit organized by the i2i team concluded successfully, fostering a fruitful dialogue between Taiwan and Japan's startup accelerators. In a friendly bilateral discussion with Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT), both parties preliminarily established areas for future collaboration, aiming to facilitate ongoing exchanges between Japanese and Taiwanese startups. Additionally, i2i will co-host a Demo Day with LPT in May, further solidifying ties after the visit's conclusion through a luncheon party. This event served as a platform for deepening exchanges, cementing friendships, and exploring the specifics of upcoming events.

Hosted by the i2i team, the luncheon party saw participation from LPT Chairman Inoue Hirotaka, Vice Chairman Takeuchi Shin, and Takizawa Hiroki, Manager from the Taiwan-Japan Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office (TJPO). They shared industry insights, market trends in Taiwan and Japan, operational experiences from their respective enterprises, and stories about assisting domestic startups in their overseas expansion efforts, cultivating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to discussions and friendship building.

In May, the i2i team will join hands with LPT to organize Demo Day, inviting promising startups for discussions on potential technological collaborations and market entries. Subsequent online meetings will further exploring the specifics, aiming to broaden the scope of mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities.

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