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CNA Report: "Ministry of Economic Affairs: Taiwan-US Ties Encourage Taiwanese Startups' Expansion to US"

Thanks to @CentralNewsAgency, this year, i2i and the American accelerator Entrecamp have jointly launched the 2024 IP2 Scale Out Program. Ten promising Taiwanese startups were selected to participate. Starting in March, they engaged in a six-week online expert course, followed by an on-site training in New York in May. The program included practical business lessons, insights from American entrepreneurs, one-on-one pitch practice, and networking opportunities, providing comprehensive support for startup growth.

Last Friday (6/21), the program culminated in a Demo Day, drawing attention from the US East Coast investment community and opening doors to international business opportunities.

In response to evolving global dynamics, Taiwan-US relations have significantly improved in recent years. This progress, combined with support from the Taiwanese government, industry assistance, and a maturing startup ecosystem, has created favorable conditions for Taiwanese startups and SMEs to enter the US market.

Currently in its third year, i2i's international startup program has been helping domestic teams secure international orders and funding. By leveraging past mentorship experiences and diverse resources, i2i is committed to fostering a thriving startup environment. Moving forward, i2i will continue to serve as a bridge between Taiwanese startups and the world.

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