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【NY Startup Lesson】Entrepreneurship Course 1: Entrepreneurship & MVP


This year, i2i has partnered with American accelerator EntreCamp to launch the 2024 IP2 Scale Out Program in New York. This initiative aims to help promising Taiwanese startups participate in a six-week, all-English expert course. The program focuses on providing guidance and advice on the U.S. investment market and industry trends, enabling Taiwanese startup teams to better tackle the challenges of entering international markets.

Instructor: Terry Hsiao

Course 1: Entrepreneurship & MVP – Strategies and Analysis of Minimum Viable Products for Startups


In the first session of the online course, our lecturer, Terry, introduced the topic of entrepreneurship to the teams. The class began by addressing some fundamental questions about starting a startup, specifically how entrepreneurs can generate ideas and establish the correct mindset for entrepreneurship.

Terry then presented the concept of the “Unique Value Proposition,” emphasizing its importance and encouraging the teams to identify the key differentiators of their businesses that set them apart from competitors.

The session concluded with a Q&A, during which the teams shared their thoughts on how the concept of unique value propositions applies to their businesses.

Course Outline

  • Ideation – How can entrepreneurs generate ideas?

  • The Right Mindset for Entrepreneurship.

  • Qualifying the idea

  • Unique Value Proposition & Higher Purpose

  • Customer Discovery

  • Key Takeaways from the Q&A Session

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