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Revealing the Prelude to the Innovation Journey: Successful Conclusion of the "2024 IP2 Scale Out Program" Qualifications Review Meeting Signals Official Launch

The IP2 Scale Out Program has successfully organized its third edition until 2024.This program extends its invitation to budding startup teams aspiring to venture into the East Coast market in the United States. Details of the program can be found here. The review meeting for this year concluded satisfactorily last week, unveiling a spectacular prologue to this journey of innovation.

For this collaborative review, we meticulously invited experts and mentors from various fields, ranging from technology to market dynamics, finance, and legal matters. Through in-depth assessments of every detail and careful consideration, we selected a batch of outstanding startups. We will guide them to establish their presence in New York, seeking deeper collaboration and embracing more challenges and opportunities.

The startups participating in this program all possess remarkable potential to venture internationally and lead technological advancements. Encompassing fields such as healthcare, biotechnology, semiconductor, software and hardware development, artificial intelligence, data analytics, AR/VR simulations, and other forward-looking domains, these startups focus on leveraging emerging needs driven by the evolution of the era. They aim to apply various technologies to different aspects of work and life, with a focus on the convenience brought about by AI and smart technologies.

For instance, in the realm of AI applications, CentML integrates AI models with software tools to enhance work efficiency, Resemble AI has developed AI audio processing models and solutions for combating deepfakes, while Correct-AI applies algorithms to environmental engineering.

Simultaneously, focusing on smart technology development, ABR has developed products that reduce power consumption in smart devices, and CEMWorks proposes product designs applicable to "Smart City".

Additionally, Illumia Labs utilizes AR/VR technology to develop aviation training simulations, while Symend and Formaloo start from data analysis to assist clients in optimizing strategies, and more.

Whether selected or not, all startups participating in the Scale Out program possess fresh technological perspectives and promising future prospects. This enables Taiwanese startups to thrive amidst the constantly evolving landscape of technology and artificial intelligence, while also ensuring that the globally acclaimed semiconductor industry continues to excel, bringing forth fresh ideological collisions and technological innovations on the international stage.

The next steps of the program will involve On-site training and online courses for the selected participants, ensuring that everyone can present themselves in the best possible manner on the Demo Day in US. We extend our gratitude to all companies that participated in the selection process. The competition was fierce, and if not selected, we look forward to your participation again next year.

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