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Vice Chairman of National Science and Technology Council: Talent Returning Because of "Taiwan's AI"

K.T. Li Foundation for Development of Science and Technology hosted the "國鼎論壇" AI Forum at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) last month (6/26), featuring Vice Chairman Robin Bing-Yu Chen of the National Science and Technology Council, who explored Taiwan's role and the importance of talent in the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

To start, Robin Bing-Yu Chen humorously shared insights from over thirty years ago when he studied AI topics during his university years. At that time, AI was seen as a nebulous concept that led him to pursue other projects. Unexpectedly, as AI gradually became a reality, it played a crucial role across various global sectors, prompting him to circle back to AI research.

Chen elaborated that the National Science and Technology Council began nurturing AI development five to six years ago and established the Taiwan AI Center of Excellence (Taiwan AICoE) last year to advance cutting-edge technology and cultivate related talents. Moving forward, the center aims to assist industries in promoting AI applications, hoping Taiwan can move beyond its image of being solely a manufacturing hub to reach greater heights.

Chen pointed out that salaries for professors in Taiwan have traditionally been low, jokingly suggesting that overseas-educated elites return out of a "love for Taiwan" mentality. Now that Taiwan has attained a significant position in the global AI arena, he remarked, "We can finally say that people are returning because 'Taiwan has AI'!" He expressed hope for increased participation in AI application development to collectively shape Taiwan's future.

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