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Chairman of the K.T. Li Foundation Delivers Keynote: "AI as the Fourth Industrial Revolution"

The K.T. Li Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology hosted the prestigious "國鼎論壇" AI Forum on June 26, focusing on the theme "Reconstruct or Replace? Reflections on Technology and Humanities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence." In his opening speech, Mr. Bo-Yuan Wang, Chairman of the Foundation, emphasized the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) for Taiwan's future.

Mr. Wang stated, "AI represents the fourth industrial revolution and is a pivotal moment for Taiwan's third economic transformation." He pointed out that the word "Taiwan" contains the letters "AI," symbolizing Taiwan's crucial role in the global AI landscape. This was also highlighted by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in his keynote at COMPUTEX 2024 in Taipei last month, where he expressed his vision of making Taiwan a central hub for AI.

Additionally, Mr. Wang mentioned his recent meeting with Taiwan President Ching-Te Lai, who pledged his full support for advancing AI technology to boost Taiwan's technological progress and economic growth.

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