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Toronto Global Explores Business Opportunities in Taiwan, Facilitating Enhanced Exchange for Tech and Semiconductor Startups through i2i


Toronto Global, the Canadian investment promotion team, made its second visit to Taiwan last week (3/20) for a meeting with the Innovation to Industry (i2i) team. Facilitated by i2i matchmaking, discussions were held with Taiwanese startups BRICKS and JMEM Tek, with invitations extended for their participation in i2i's upcoming IP2 Scale Out Project Demo Day on 6/21. Additionally, follow-ups were made with five Scale Out Taiwan companies previously introduced, concluding the meeting with fruitful dialogue and solidifying long-term collaborative plans.

Toronto Global, representing the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA), referred by VentureLab, collaborated with i2i to engage in technical exchanges with promising startups in Taiwan, laying the groundwork for future partnerships.

Since its establishment, Toronto Global has been dedicated to facilitating international business exchanges and attracting top global talent to Canada. Leveraging Canada's extensive network of international trade agreements, Toronto Global aims to deepen cooperation with Taiwan. Daniel Hengeveld, Vice President of Toronto Global, expressed plans to engage with i2i to connect with more promising startups in Taiwan and provide relevant resources to support business expansion in the Toronto area.

BRICKS, assisted by the i2i team, is a Taiwanese startup that has developed a groundbreaking "No-Code Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Building Commercial Applications." This emerging technology integrates various data sources, terminal screens, and dynamic interactive operations to offer a designer-friendly interface solution, enabling developers to intuitively and rapidly address previous challenges in screen and data integration.

JMEM Tek, a Taiwanese startup participating in this year's Scale Out Project, focuses on safeguarding chip security. Addressing shortcomings such as inadequate security and large volume in existing one-time programmable memories, they have developed improved memory solutions applicable to information security, product authentication, gaming, and counterfeit detection. Founder and CEO John Chang envisions expanding applications into IoT, automotive, and electronic hardware protection.

During the meeting, i2i successfully showcased Taiwan's alignment with international cooperation efforts and assisted domestic startups in seeking business opportunities. Subsequently, there are expectations to further facilitate exchanges between more startups and Toronto Global, culminating in new investments and partnerships during the Scale Out Project.

About Toronto Global

Led by Chief Scientific Advisor and AI expert Geoffrey Hinton, Toronto Global is a non-profit organization funded by the Canadian government, dedicated to assisting international businesses in establishing operations and attracting investments. It is currently striving to position the Greater Toronto Area as a global AI research center. Since its establishment in 2017, Toronto Global has successfully supported collaboration and development projects for 215 companies worldwide, with partners including LG, Samsung, AWS, Netflix, among others.

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