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Taiwan's Office in Canada Recommends i2i Support for International Startup Sphene Labs' Landing and Advancement of Blockchain, AI in Taiwan

The Canadian investment company Toronto Global met with the i2i team last month, engaging in deep discussions with promising startups from Taiwan through i2i matchmaking and establishing future collaboration plans.

Recently, Toronto Global introduced a Canadian startup, Sphene Labs, to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada (TECO Canada). Recommended by Executive Assistant Director Chen Chong-Jiang from TECO Canada, Sphene Labs is slated to receive assistance from the i2i team, known for their extensive experience in international startup matchmaking and counseling. This collaboration aims to facilitate Sphene Labs' landing in Taiwan and aid in the development of blockchain, AI, and automation application technologies.

This week, led by the i2i team, a meeting was held with Alice Hsueh, co-founder of Sphene Labs, discussing industry demands and landing plans for cryptocurrency trading platform design, blockchain, and AI technology applications. In the future, i2i will continue to assist international startups in precisely matching demands with Taiwanese companies, providing operational strategies, Taiwan market industry trends, landing development strategies, and other relevant information, fostering a two-way exchange between Taiwan and Canadian startup ecosystems.

Sphene Labs is a Canadian software startup focusing primarily on information services such as cryptocurrency trading platform design, blockchain, and AI applications. They have successfully conducted POC and provided software products such as AI technology applications and virtual currency trading platform construction. During this meeting, i2i provided counseling regarding operational policies, landing plans in Taiwan, planning for fund and fundraising requirements, target customer identification, talent recruitment, future development strategies, and assisted in legal service referrals. Alice Hsueh, co-founder of Sphene Labs, expressed hope that i2i could assist in planning the company's landing in Taiwan and matching with Taiwanese industries in need of software design services, using Taiwan as a gateway to expand into the Asian market.

In response to the trend of industrial globalization, i2i considers both remote and on-site office needs in its policy for international startups landing in Taiwan, offering both virtual and physical residency options. They also provide entrepreneurship counseling, corporate networking events, government project applications, and conference room rental services, possessing a comprehensive and sound startup ecosystem, cultivating Taiwan's startup acceleration development while continuously attracting foreign investment to enhance Taiwan's international competitiveness in the technology industry.

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