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Might Electronics and Canadian Startup ABR Attend VentureLAB Forum through CTA

Under the long-term initiative of i2i, promoting the IP2 Launchpad Program, in collaboration with Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), Taiwan is fostering an interconnected ecosystem with Canadian startups. This May, they jointly hosted an Demo Day, inviting Canadian startups to promote international exchanges and cooperation with Taiwanese enterprises.

Following the review, the project continued to advance. In June, i2i facilitated a meeting between Might Electronics and the Canadian startup Applied Brain Research (ABR), exploring collaborative directions in smart technology applications.

Concurrently, with CTA's assistance, they arranged for both parties to attend the VentureLAB Entrepreneurship Forum in Ontario, Canada, gaining deeper insights into Canada's tech trends and entrepreneurial culture.

About VentureLAB

Founded in 2011 and located in Toronto, Canada, VentureLAB serves as a startup incubator center for advancing technology innovation and startup development. It offers entrepreneur acceleration programs, expert guidance, funding support, shared workspaces, and networking opportunities, focusing primarily on hardware, semiconductors, data analytics, digital media, and biotech sectors. Notable acceleration programs include Hardware Catalyst Initiative, Innovation Program, and Tech Undivided.

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