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i2i Connects Jmem Tek and GECCO, Fostering Taiwan-Canada Startup Ecosystem Collaboration

At the beginning of May, i2i hosted the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, focusing on AI (AIoT), HealthTech, and semiconductors. Promising Canadian startups were selected to participate.

Following the event, i2i has continued to facilitate connections between Canadian startups and Taiwanese companies, driving the development of a bilateral startup ecosystem between Taiwan and Canada.

As part of these efforts, On May 31st, i2i arranged an online meeting between John Chang, founder of Taiwanese startup Jmem Tek, and Jeff MacMillan, co-founder and CEO of Canadian startup Green Edge Computing Corp (GECCO), to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

During the online meeting, both parties gained a preliminary understanding of each other’s offered solutions and agreed to further discussions and visits at their respective booths during the Computex and InnoVEX exhibition.

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