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Global CSE: Might Electronics and Canadian Startup ABR Explore Smart Technology Collaboration at Collision 2024

In early May, i2i hosted the IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, inviting Canadian startups to participate and fostering opportunities for international collaboration in Taiwan.

In June, i2i facilitated a connection between Applied Brain Research (ABR), a Canadian startup that participated in the Demo Day, and Taiwanese company Might Electronics. During Computex 2024 in Taipei, ABR representatives met with Ray Tai, Vice President of Might Electronics, to discuss their products and technologies.

Continuing their dialogue, both parties attended the Collision Conference in Toronto on June 19, holding a second meeting to explore potential collaborations in smart technology applications.

Following the successful signing of an NDA, Might Electronics and ABR are looking into technological partnerships, leveraging Might Electronics' innovative R&D and integrated manufacturing capabilities with ABR's expertise, potentially focusing on smart gas meters and smart factory.

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