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COMPUTEX 2024 in Taiwan: Focus on AI, ICT, and Semiconductors, Featuring Nvidia and AMD

The highly anticipated international tech event, COMPUTEX 2024, will be held from June 4 to 7 at the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2, 4th floor. This year's theme focuses on six key areas: AI Computing, Advanced Connectivity, Future Mobility, Immersive Reality, Sustainability, and Innovations. Industry heavyweights such as Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and AMD Chair and CEO Lisa Su will be in attendance to share insights and advancements in AI, ICT, and semiconductor technologies.

COMPUTEX 2024 is expected to host 400 startups from 30 countries, covering themes like AI, green technology, smart mobility, and semiconductor applications. Leading tech companies including Amazon AWS, Intel, Nvidia, and MediaTek will have experts leading forums, providing an opportunity for Taiwanese startups and potential partners to engage deeply and explore cutting-edge technologies, enhancing Taiwan's global influence in innovation.

Taiwan plays a crucial role in global tech development and supply chains. This year's COMPUTEX will once again showcase Taiwan's technological prowess to the world. Additionally, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Small and Medium Enterprise Administration will set up a themed pavilion focusing on green and sustainable technologies.

AI PCs Set to Boost Taiwan's Supply Chain Value

As COMPUTEX approaches, the buzz around AI PCs and related stocks is heating up. The integration of AI technology into PCs is expected to significantly boost the value of the supply chain. Market analysts predict that companies like MediaTek, TSMC, and ASUS will be the major beneficiaries.

In the semiconductor sector, Taiwan boasts a complete supply chain that includes upstream manufacturing processes, midstream server assembly, and downstream AI PC applications. With the promising outlook for AI demand, other PC chip and OEM manufacturers are also optimistic about the rising PC demand. It is anticipated that, following the launch of COMPUTEX, consumer adoption of AI PCs will become more mainstream, revitalizing market investment enthusiasm.

COMPUTEX Drives Taiwan's Innovative Technology Index

Historical data shows that stocks related to innovative technology often see significant gains following COMPUTEX. For example, the Taiwan Innovative Technology 50 Index, which focuses on investment in innovative tech stocks, typically rises by 6-12% within three months, six months, and one year after COMPUTEX ends, with a consistent upward trend over the years.

The Significance of COMPUTEX: Why the Tech Industry is Eagerly Anticipating It?

The Taipei International Computer Exhibition, known as COMPUTEX, is an international professional computer exhibition jointly organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taipei Computer Association (TCA). Each year, it attracts over ten thousand professionals from more than 150 countries.

Initially, COMPUTEX was established to support Taiwan's rapidly growing ICT (computer) industry SMEs, offering them a platform to showcase their technological capabilities to the international investment market.

In 1984, at its fourth edition, Acer founder and TCA Chairman Stan Shih renamed the exhibition "COMPUTEX," symbolizing the international status of Taiwan's computer hardware industry. Today, COMPUTEX is not only Asia's largest computer show but also one of the top three computer exhibitions globally.

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