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Taiwanese Startups Visit New Lab Brooklyn for Tech Development and Incubation Insights

On May 31, Taiwanese startups participating in i2i's IP2 Scale Out Program, led by the American startup accelerator EntreCamp, visited New Lab in Brooklyn, New York. This visit aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the international tech incubation ecosystem and to gather insights for i2i’s operations at Taiwan Startup Terrace, aiding both domestic and international startups in their Soft-Landing efforts.

New Lab, located in Brooklyn, was formerly the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a shipyard for the US Navy. In 2016, it was transformed into a shared workspace designed to be a place "where innovators realize their ideas," hence the name New Lab. It now serves as a hub for tech development, combining shared workspaces, research labs, and startup incubation all in one.

To assist entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into tangible products, New Lab is equipped with facilities like a 3D printing lab, laser cutting tools, wood and metal workshops, and an electronics manufacturing room. It brings together resources from the government, academic institutions, industry giants, experts, and innovative brands to create a thriving tech ecosystem. Currently, over 40 companies operate within New Lab, covering fields such as hardware, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, and urban technology.

This visit not only helped Taiwanese startups connect with the international tech incubation ecosystem but also explored effective ways to integrate diverse resources and provide tailored solutions for CSE companies. In the future, the insights gained from New Lab’s support programs and operational methods will enhance i2i’s acceleration programs, fostering further development and refinement.

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