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Canadian Startup CEMWorks Explores AI Collaboration with Taiwan's Sky Sharp as Part of i2i Launchpad Initiative

In early May, i2i teamed up with the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) to host the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day. Focusing on AI (AIoT), HealthTech, and semiconductors, six outstanding Canadian startups were selected to participate.

On June 5th, i2i continued the momentum from the event by facilitating a meeting between Canadian startup CEMWorks and Taiwanese tech company Sky Sharp. The meeting was attended by Roger Cheng, President of Sky Sharp, Lorraine Yang, Business Manager at Sky Sharp, and Gabriel Lafond-Wise, Business Development Manager at CEMWorks. Both parties introduced their products and technologies, discussing potential collaboration opportunities.

(From left to right, Roger Cheng, General Manager of Sky Sharp; Gabriel Lafond-Wise, Business Development Manager at CEMWorks; Karen Jhang, Business Development Manager at i2i; and Lorraine Yang, Business Manager at Sky Sharp)

Sky Sharp is a Taiwanese tech company specializing in smart security systems, they help clients implement stable, AI-driven systems that provide more intelligent management solutions.

Sky Sharp can develop a "Construction Site" Management System for their clients, integrating environmental monitoring and safety control via a cloud platform. This approach stores all company data in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site servers.

Lorraine Yang, Sky Sharp’s Business Manager, explained that Sky Sharp collaborates with Taiwan’s top telecom companies, ensuring strong and reliable signal coverage. They can also provide customized services based on the specific environment and budget of each client.

Gabriel Lafond-Wise from CEMWorks highlighted that CEMWorks can enhance Sky Sharp's Construction Site Management System with faster and smoother signal connectivity and broader service coverage. He also introduced their solutions using Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) technology in partnership with telecom companies to leverage 5G technology.

Additionally, Gabriel mentioned that CEMWorks has a team capable of creating digital twin systems. This team can assist companies with R&D, scenario simulation, and significant cost reduction, expressing interest in exploring further collaboration with Sky Sharp on extended applications.

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