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The Latest: Taiwan sees relative success in curbing virus.


— United Nations chief calls for “peace at home” during pandemic.

— Taiwan ordered vacationers to self-quarantine.

— Migrants in Malta are quarantined after eight tested positive for virus.

— Britain's prime minister remains in charge despite being hospitalized for the coronavirus.

Taiwan has replaced its tourism chief and ordered vacationers who visited crowded scenic sites over the recent holiday weekend to avoid public spaces as it strives to maintain its relative success in containing the coronavirus.

Tourism Bureau Director-General Chou Yung-hui was demoted and moved to a new job after news emerged that a subordinate had abused his powers to skirt procedures on behalf of his son, leading to the infection of another staffer at the bureau.

That staffer then infected his five-year-old son, forcing the boy’s kindergarten to be closed for 14 days. None of the other students or teachers were found to be infected, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center.

The CECC also urged anyone who visited one of 11 popular tourist sites during the four-day Qingming festival to avoid public spaces for 14 days, work from home if possible, wear masks and practice social distancing to avoid further cross infection.

Despite its proximity to China, where global pandemic began, Taiwan has successfully kept widespread infection at bay largely by closely tracing any possible cases, barring foreign visitors and enforcing quarantines.

The island recorded 10 new cases on Monday, bringing its total to 373 with five deaths by April 7th.

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