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The Gateway To Launching Israeli Technology Innovation Into The Far East Markets!

This June a new program was launched to promote the entrance of Israeli companies into the Far East markets and to work with the Taiwanese ecosystem. The program, IP2 LaunchPad, provides Israeli startup companies a base to work in Taiwan providing them with a business and innovation center. The IP² LaunchPad connects the Israeli company with strategic partner distributors from the Far East with strategic Taiwanese companies leading in health and other related industries as well as with research and development entities as well as with investors.

Taiwan has great interest in integrating novel international innovative technologies into their own technological environment. “We have decided to launch our first program in Israel, as it is a world-renowned center of innovation. We plan to launch additional partnerships with innovation centers from other countries in the near future” said Dr Gary Gong, Chairman of Innovation to Industry (i2i), the largest innovation company in Taiwan. The announcement of this program in Israel came as a result of Dr Gong’s recent trips to Israel and his identification of the important possibilities opened by such ties. “In order to continue our collaborations and in order to further develop our industries, we are currently supporting meetings and collaborations between 25 Israeli startup companies and leading industries in Taiwan in order to increase their activities in Taiwan, as well as aiding them in reaching additional Asian and international markets.” 

Collaboration even during COVID-19

i2i which is one of four institutions running incubators, with the auspices of the Taiwan Government, was developed from within the largest industrial research think tank in Taiwan. Under Dr Gong, I2I director’s, vision the company has begun its IP² LaunchPad activities this year within the startup terrace that is supported by SMEA (Small and medium enterprise administration) part of MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) of Taiwan. The partners of this group include the Ministry of Economics of Taiwan as well as the organization of BIO Industries, companies such as Acer, Advantech, Syscom, Show Chwan, Taipei Medical University (TMU) hospitals, Might Electronics as well as funders such as China Development Financial, FORMED, Be Capital and more. The board mem

bers and partners of the program are all invested in the program and are available to advise, aid and advance the partnerships even in these times of the Corona pandemic.   

IP² LaunchPad is focused on success of the Israeli partners

-Provides a launchpad into the Far East Markets

-Is devoted to promoting cooperation between like-minded partners providing a basis for success

-Provides personal assistance helping them to penetrate the Far East and Taiwanese market

-Helps them to reach their goals in a timely fashion

-Provides a physical and digital (virtual) platform for the promotion of international activities

-Provides backup and funding for Israeli companies

Taiwan provides an international hub of industrial cooperation that is not affected by the Corona pandemic

During these trying times of the COVID 19 pandemic and a slowing and weakening of the world markets, Taiwan is providing for the Israeli companies an important active international market. The IP² LaunchPad program began working in Israel at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, the program is continuing to grow and develop its programs. Startup companies with digital health as well as cyber security and AIOT have been chosen as those with the most interest for this program.

“Taiwan that is continuing in its success in keeping COVID at bay, provides an important central market that attracts numerous international companies. The Israeli companies that were chosen to participate in this innovation program are receiving unique opportunities to present themselves to this ecosystem. To date, in spite of the ongoing pandemic they have presented their platforms at international conferences such as BIO-ASIA and INNOVEX, venues with thousands of participants. We are providing the companies a business platform to advance their business internationally in both the virtual and in-person arenas. In addition, we provide a venue for collaboration and cooperation” Said Mr. Rani Shifron the CEO of the consulting company Healthier Globe that represents I2I and manages IP² LaunchPad in Israel

Since the beginning of this program over 70% of the companies that participated in this program have shown a significant increase in their activities in Taiwan. Among those are TENUTO MEDICAL, a company that provides technology that enables early diagnostics of diseases such as Cancer using an AI platform. This company signed a cooperation with Show Chwan Health Care System, the leading Taiwanese hospital chain; Cybord, a company that leverages AI to identify counterfeit electronic components. They have just completed a very successful pilot study and are ready to launch their product; Resymmetry a company that developed a personalized seating system has found a manufacturing partner and EZMEMS that develops smart sensors has signed with TOPCO Scientific, a key paler in Taiwan semiconductor industry.

“This program has allowed us to collaborate and to expose our technology for early detection of cancer and to detect the types of cancer using AI. The collaboration with companies and with hospitals in Taiwan was possible through this program that concentrated our efforts and helped open doors in Taiwan and other countries even without physical meeting with these entities during these difficult times” said Dr Yair Weil TENUTO MEDICAL

“Taiwan is a world center for the production of high-quality electronics. IP² LaunchPad allowed us to meet with industrialists in Taiwan. The subsequent choice of Cybord by the Taiwanese partner enabled us to proceed with testing, and also opened up the possibility to carry out further testing in Taiwan ”Said Zeev Efrat CEO of Cybord, a company that develops programs that prevent the addition of unwanted or bogus elements during production of electronic components. Without this program we would not have had this opportunity to collaborate with Taiwan said Zeev Efrat the CEO of Cybord.

In the IP² LaunchPad program, companies were exposed to the Taiwanese culture and how to do business, and all the capabilities of the ecosystem. The program built us a customized plan according to our needs. Initially, a mapout and prioritization of our needs. Looking for the needed contacts including manufacturers and hospitals and universities (for clinical trials) and developed our plan accordingly. In the meantime we were also exposed to ongoing collaborations between Israel and Taiwan in this field and the development of a bilateral funding program to advance this project” said Efrat Shenhod Malihi CEO of RESYMMETRY that develops smart seating systems for people that sit for long periods of time.

“We received exposure to Taiwan and an opportunity to build ties with companies ranging from large companies to start ups and hospitals. This will certainly help us enter the Asian Market “said Erez Lampert, CEO of PathKeeper

The program is managed by professional entities from the largest innovation industry I2I and Healthier Globe a company that supports and aids startups to enter the world markets and with the support of Taiwan ministry of the economy. The program provides the partner companies assistance on the business side as well as with bridging the gaps culturally and with language differences.

Joining the new 2012 program

The IP² LaunchPad program will launch at least three cohorts in Israel. In light of the success of the first i2i program we have begun looking at Israeli startups dealing in application on digital transformation, healthcare, energy&resource efficiency powered by big data, AI, IoT, 5G and cyber security to add to our next cohort that will begin in 2021. In this program we are planning on including ten companies that are in advanced stages with sales and after their first round of fund raising.

The companies that will be chosen to participate in this program will receive the keys to Taiwan ecosystem, aid in penetrating the Global East Asian market, aid in carrying out pilots and medical validations and also a possibility to be provided with additional investments. The companies that qualify can already apply for candidacy via or send their information with a deck by email to Rani Shifron, the Israeli manager of the program at

“We are very pleased with the progress in this program. We are already seeing successes and improvements in our ties with companies in Taiwan and are waiting to hear about further investments in Israeli startups. Indeed, since the launch of this program there has been a doubling of business collaborations between the two countries. This success in such a short time despite the COVID 19 pandemic is very encouraging and we are looking for additional venues for cooperation” said Gary Gong.

Business ties bewtween Israeli hightech and Taiwan a giant in world technology

Ms. Hu, Pei-Ti Deputy Director General of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan: was asked a number of questions regarding the business ties between our countries particularly with regards to technological innovation in Taiwan’s ecosystem during these pandemic months.

Why is this cooperation so novel?

When searching for strategic partners Taiwan is not usually at the top list of possible collaborators for Israeli startups. So during these difficult COVID months we took advantage of the period and developed a unique model for collaboration for Israeli startups and Taiwanese industry. As part of the IP² LaunchPad we set up a number of virtual group and individual meetings allowing us to open a window of understanding. These meetings allow us to provide a picture of the unique business ecosystem in Taiwan and what advantages Israeli companies may have in these ecosystems.

What advantages does this cooperation have to the Israeli and Taiwanese industries?

Taiwan and Israel are very different business ecosystems on a continuum of technological innovation. Ususally Israel is found at the very beginning of this continuum 0-1 or the idea development and prototype phases While Taiwan is a leader in production especially mass production and in the development of international markets. The combination of these two countries will provide a win win situation. In addition, Taiwan’s strategic position in the Far East and its strong ties with this market adds considerably to the ability of Israeli and other companies to penetrate these markets and to work in the Aisian Pacific region.

What are the achievements that you can name for 2020 and what achievements do you forsee for2021?

The IP² LaunchPad that works out of the center for innovation Startup Terrace that is supported by Taiwan administration of small and medium businesses of the ministry of the Economy. It receives aid from this department and from Dr. Shih Yen-Shiang (formerly of the Ministry of Economy) who is in close contact with Israeli startups. The partners in the company directorate are leaders in their fields and well known in industrial circles particularly in IOT ICT cyber security biotechnology etc. from research agencies, venture capitalists, banks and funding agencies. The companies that are part of this program therefore receive direct contacts with all these agencies. Following our first meetings at the beginning of this year with tens of Israeli startups a number were chosen to continue in the 2020 program. To date 150 one on one meeting have been held in order to advance the ties and collaborations between Israeli startups and Taiwanese corporations. Eight agreements have been signed between the partners. We predict that Israeli startups will establish centers of collaboration in Taiwan enabling an easier and more seamless entry into the Asian marketplace and widen the scope of their business in the Far East. Considering the success of the program so far, we are continuing to search for Israeli startups that may be of interest and that may be interesting in participating in the 2021 program.

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