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Taiwan ranks 1st in the world for expats to live and work abroad.

Workers who daydream of packing their bags to move abroad may want to consider Taipei for a personal and professional reset.For the second year in a row, Taiwan’s capital was named the No. 1 city for expats to move abroad for work, according to the annual Expat Insider survey by InterNations, an online resource group for expats around the world.More than 20,000 expat workers participated in the survey and represented 178 nationalities living in 187 countries or territories.

For the best cities ranking, expats rated 25 elements of living abroad that measured quality of life, getting settled, work-life satisfaction, financial security and housing, and local cost of living. Taipei came out on top thanks to its high ratings for overall quality of life. The city ranked third out of 82 cities for this particular category. Tokyo, Japan, came in first, while Zug, Switzerland, came in second for top quality of life standards.

Expats in Taipei were especially satisfied with local transportation, as well as available and affordable health care. Workers did note that getting settled in Taipei was more difficult, likely because of a language barrier where many residents primarily speak Mandarin Chinese or Taiwanese Hokkien. However, newcomers did rank locals high in terms of friendliness, and the majority of people who recently moved to Taipei said they were happy with their new social life.

  • 96% of expats feel safe in their new city

  • 94% of expats rate the availability of health care positively

  • 75% of expats feel at home in the city

  • 67% of expats find it easy to adjust to local culture

  • 72% of expats are satisfied with their job

  • 76% of expats are satisfied with their work-life balance

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