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Taiwan industry wishes to partner with Israel to jointly produce Unicorns

“Taiwan’s potential for innovation and entrepreneurship has yet to be fully revealed to the world”, said Mr. Ho Chin-Chang, Director General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) at Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), at the launch of Taiwan Innovation Finder(TIF), a platform for innovation scouting and the development of Taiwan’s technological ecosystem, which was modeled after Start-Up Nation Finder. "Taiwan is working to develop the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and startups, which is currently in its early stages, and this platform will promote the exposure and expansion of collaborations with the Israeli and global tech ecosystem, as well as encourage international investments."​

This platform will enable the mapping of about 30,000 high-tech companies, hundreds of incubators and technology accelerators, more than 200 venture capital funds, and other stakeholders in Taiwan’s technology ecosystem. The platform, funded by SMEA, MOEA and managed by Innovation ton Industry (i2i), is a direct continuation of the ongoing expansion of the partnerships between Taiwan and Israel tech ecosystems. There are three innovation programs operating in Israel today, IP² LaunchPad, IP² Plus, as well as a new program called IP² Sustainability, a collaboration with Startup Nation Central.

The launch of the Taiwan Innovation Finder is part of the Taiwanese government's support strategy to the local ecosystem, which includes also funding assistance, regulation, talent recruitment and activity centers. The Taiwan International Development Fund has allocated $ 70 Million to an Angel Investment Project, $3.5 Billion to the Innovation and Industry Transformation Fund, and Taiwan Capital has invested $350 Million in new startups. The current administration has passed laws that make it easier for startups to obtain funding and provide various tax breaks, to encourage investment in startups and angel investments, as well as new laws that allow attracting foreign talent to Taiwan. In addition, tech-hubs were founded, to provide a platform for international startups to run their operations from, as well as accelerators for local and international startups.

The Taiwan Innovation Finder(TIF) platform brings a global exposure to Taiwan innovation ecosystem, accelerate Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation, give companies the opportunity to take part in Taiwan's next growth round and the establishment of the next unicorns

"The Taiwan Innovation Finder platform brings a global exposure to Taiwan innovation ecosystem, accelerate Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation, gives companies the opportunity to take a part of Taiwan’s next round of growth and the creation of the next unicorns,” said Dr. Gary Gong, chairman of i2i. Click here to sign up for Taiwan Innovation Finder(TIF), a member to Global Finder Network

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